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You Have Arrived.
You’re free to follow your dreams and explore the world. Indulge your curiosities as you experience new cultures. Reinvigorate your senses as you taste new foods. Drink in the splendors of life and find inspiration and connection around every corner of Europe with Mainly Vacations.

You’ve earned it.
On any of our vacations, the world is delivered to you. Travelers simply need to seize the moment. Capture the beauty. Grab hold of the flavors. Embrace the aromas. Envelop the sounds and immerse in the unforgettable.

Traveling with Mainly Vacations provides travelers exactly what they're looking for, including:

  • An Inclusive Vacation: Travelers can expect to enjoy more visits, more experiences, more meals and more sightseeing and airfare in the price of the vacation.
  • Pre-Selected Hotels in the Heart of the Destination: You are in for a treat with our hand-picked hotels based on amenities, services, and location.
  • Transportation: On a Mainly Vacations Vacation, transportation – via train, plane, ferry or motorcoach – is taken care of from point A to B and every step in-between.
  • VIP Access to Must-See Site (s): Mainly Vacations works hard behind-the-scenes to get travelers front and center at the world’s greatest sights, you even skip the lines.
  • Set Itineraries AND Personalization: Our travelers get to the must-see sites while also building in plenty of free time to personalize your trip.

Choice & Personalization.
With over 50 vacations across Europe 30 countries, Mainly Vacations gives travelers a dynamic blend of transportation as well as the widest range of vacation experiences available with itineraries ranging from four to 15 days. Even travelers who think they’ve “been there” and “done that” in Europe will be surprised by what we have to offer.