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Already booked on one of our tour packages? Select from the list below to get specific information and travel tips "Before You Go". These Know Before You Go travel tips are designed with you in mind, with helpful hints to help you prepare for and enjoy your vacation. They are your guide to getting ready and contain general information on travel documentation, customs, and the country/countries you will be visiting, including budgeting, transportation, climate, languages, and much more. 


√ Do you have a current passport and the name on your booking matches your passport exactly?

√ Did you make your final payment?

√ Did you book your connecting flights to your departure city? (Make sure to confirm your international flights first)

√ Do you require advance seat assignments on your international flights?

√ Do you have all the necessary travel visas required?

√ Did you print all of your final documents needed for your vacation? ( Travel documents are sent two weeks prior to your    departure)

√ Did you call your airline 72 hours prior to your departure to confirm your flight schedule and any other special request?