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Mainly Vacations Introduces “Immersions” Small Group Tours

By: G.Johnson

Mainly Vacations Introduces “Immersions” Small Group Tours - Highly Personalized Travel Concept Offers In-depth Experiences Beginning in 2018 for Travel to Italy

A line of highly sophisticated tour packages to Italy is being unveiled by Mainly Vacations that are geared towards providing small group travelers with uniquely in-depth travel experiences.

Called "Immersions," this new collection packages for travel to Italy takes the company's ‘Live Like a Local’ concept to the

Travel with Mainly Vacations to Italy on an "Immersions" Experience

Mainly Vacations’ Immersions group tours provide a unique experience for travelers to intimately explore new cities and regions. Smaller groups allow for a more private experience and provide greater value.

Mainly Vacations is pleased to unveil its latest travel offerings for small groups – Immersions – a line of highly sophisticated group tours created to take travelers to enjoy in-depth travel experiences to the regions they love most. This travel concept for travel to Italy caps groups at 16 members, with a minimum of two travelers, and promises one-on-one attention along with spectacular add-ons such as gourmet dinners paired with wine tastings and completely customizable features that allow travelers to become absorbed in the culture surrounding them.

Immersions group tours include specialty dining experiences at both farm-to-table and high-end restaurants throughout the region. Scenic escorted tours are broken up by luxurious wine tastings paired with oils, meats and other fine cuisine produced by locals. Travelers enjoy premium hotels and authentic country-living experiences, all based on their personal preferences and customization. Cooking classes, candlelight dinners and more can all be part of the Immersions experience.